Legal :: State Laws that Govern an El Segundo Medical Marijuana Dispensary

As a result, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) conducts raids on these establishments with great regularity. Under current federal laws, the sale of medical marijuana is still considered illegal. Additionally, your local El Segundo medical marijuana dispensary may have been one of the unfortunate ones in the greater LA area to have experienced one of the DEA’s raids.

In 1996, the state of California passed Proposition 215 known as the Compassionate Use Act which legalized the growth and use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. This means that any El Segundo medical marijuana dispensary is governed by Proposition 215.

Unfortunately, within the last year and a half, officials in the city of Los Angeles ordered the immediate closure of over a 140 medical marijuana dispensaries. Ironically, the law only recognizes specific medical marijuana establishments such as the many collectives and cooperatives throughout the state or not-for-profit entities. If advertising online you do not know whether or not your local El Segundo medical marijuana dispensary was one of these closures, you should inquire with the proper authorities so that you can start searching for another one if needed.

o An Associated Press report three social media years ago stated that there are roughly 800 advertising local dispensaries in the LA area alone which is more than in any other city in the US where medical marijuana has been legalized

o The publication “Pasadena Weekly” stated in a 2009 article that there were 1,000+ dispensaries that were distributing medical cannabis.

o There are at least 500 medical marijuana dispensaries and clubs that generate annual revenues totaling between $870 million and $2 billion

It has been difficult to determine the true number of medical marijuana dispensaries that are currently operating in the state of California. Quoting the law in its current form, Prop 215 authorizes “the limited possession, cultivation, and use of marijuana by patients and their care providers for certain medicinal purposes recommended by a physician without subjecting such persons to criminal punishment.” This law applies to all establishments that fill medical marijuana prescriptions and have a legal storefront. Consider the following:. The Number of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in California

What Establishments does the Law Actually Recognize?

Medical marijuana dispensaries have been in operation for the better part of two decades now despite the fact that they are not legally recognized. It has been estimated that there are somewhere between 500 and 1,000 of these dispensaries that are now serving those individuals who need medical marijuana

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